Therapeutic Approach

As part of our approach to care, we aim to provide a calm, relaxed environment. Positive behaviours receive enthusiastic responses and interactions.

We may use lavender or an alternate single sense smells throughout our homes to promote relaxation. Lavender as an essential oil is used in aromatherapy and is considered to have properties to aid relaxation and wellbeing.

All of our meals are cooked within the homes; menus are tailored to suit individual’s requirements and preferences. Our meals are varied and care is taken to provide a healthy well balanced nutritional diet. We avoid the use of additives, articial colourings and flavourings within our food. We provide de-caffeinated tea and coffee and discourage the consumption of fizzy drinks due to the high content of additives and colourings contained in them. We ensure the regular intake of Omega 3 fish oils and Omega 6 fatty acid due to the beneficial properties they provide within the diet.

We aim to provide a calm relaxing environment within the homes, our staff are trained to use low arousal techniques to ensure the atmosphere is maintained.  Sensory rooms are located within our homes to promote stimulation and relaxation. Therapies are provided in different forms from holistic therapies provided by our own Therapeutic support manager to music and Hydro therapy.

Massage therapy is the practice of applying pressure, tension or motion to soft tissue and muscle using techniques such as stroking and kneading. This promotes a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation for the person receiving the massage, also stimulating the flow of bodily toxins and improving circulation.

Reiki is a non –invasive therapy which involves light touch. Reiki can bring about a feeling of calm, reduce anxieties and improve mood.
Hopi Ear Candles are very beneficial if a person suffers from sinus problems, headaches or for pure relaxation.
We provide regular sessions at a local hydro therapy pool which is very beneficial in providing physical stimulation and promoting social interaction using soft play items and floats in fun environment.

Music Therapy is delivered by a fully qualified therapist; this is an interactive therapy providing a process through which adults may express feelings and emotion using different instruments. This can help develop communication and interaction with self and others.