Our Vision   |   Mission Statement   |   Our Team

Our mission is to provide the people we support with the highest quality tailored support package appropriate to their needs. All are recognised as individuals and our staff will provide a service that enhances and develops their lives.

We will strive to link with, where appropriate, family, friends, social workers and health professionals to achieve a holistic care solution that, as a minimum meets the needs of the individual being supported, but, wherever possible, exceeds the expectations of all. We will embrace recognised approaches that provide a low arousal, therapeutic environment to enable development service user’s skills and abilities.

We enable the individuals we support to identify and achieve their dreams and aspirations and encourage people to have autonomy in their every day lives.


We will develop our employees and provide the necessary resources to enable them to deliver exceptional support.

We will also provide opportunities for individual personal growth and look to fairly compensate our employees for their successes and achievements.

It is our goal to be the best regarded provider of care support in the sectors in which we operate.

Whilst we do not necessarily strive to be the biggest or most profitable, by succeeding in providing the highest quality of care and by motivating employees, we will bring to the company long-term growth and long-term profitability.